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Acting Auditions for Kids

When you decide to support a child actor’s passion to work it helps to be as knowledgeable as possible about the industry and how to find acting auditions for kids. You do not have to pay in advance for any acting auditions for kids, or for the services of an acting agent. Avoid expensive scams that ask for large amounts of money with zero guarantees of any real results.

It might be a good idea to enroll your child in acting classes, voice lessons and children’s theater groups. Agents do not choose clients on looks alone and prefer child actors with talent, good reading skills, voice projection and some relevant experience. An agent doesn’t make any commission money unless his clients make money. If they don’t see potential in your child they will not work toward finding acting auditions for kids. The agent needs to see your child has both the skill and desire to make it in the business before he will consider sending you to an acting audition for kids.

Modeling clothes or appearing in print product ads is a good way to get an aspiring child actor started toward acting auditions for kids. The modeling work is less demanding than acting and can be a good way to gain some exposure and credits.

When you finally do make it to an acting audition for kids, try to observe the unwritten standard for child acting that mandates one parent for each child on the working set. Leave the relatives, friends and pets at home. Due to the intense level of competition at an acting audition for kids and the demands of the business in general, child actors must not be distracted.

Parents will need to supply two documents at any acting audition for kids in order to prove the minors are legally able to work. A Social Security card and a valid Work Permit from your state’s department of social services are required in most states today. These documents should be provided free of charge. If the child is still in school, proper time for schooling will be provided on the set. Your child will also have to be in good academic standing and exhibit good conduct in order to qualify to work. Parents will be provided notice of the requirements at the acting audition for kids.