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Acting Auditions

Acting auditions are a source of myth and mystery to many aspiring actors. In reality, acting auditions are the only way to start your career in acting, period. You canít get the job until youíve auditioned for it. Since the acting audition path leads directly to acting employment, it becomes very important to make the absolute most you can of any acting audition you are fortunate enough to be called to.

Your stage presence and overall attitude are critical at acting auditions. You can make a lasting good impression on the directors if you are pleasant and friendly as well as prepared and confident. You are not there to just to impress the directors, you are there to read the scene and show your skill. The directors are looking for confident stage presence as much as anything else.

When you receive a script you should study it carefully and try to memorize as many of your lines as you can. Youíll leave a better impression if you are not buried in the script and the directors can see your face. When studying an acting audition script look for the overall feel of the scene and note the feel of your characterís part. It pays to be prepared at acting auditions and preparation means practice. Plenty of practice is the real difference between novices and seasoned actors.

When you are reading scripts at acting auditions you should remember to breathe deliberately and read slowly without hurrying through your lines. The directors do not expect perfection. They are looking for personality to show through the spoken lines. If the directors throw you a curve and ask for changes like an accent or dancing perhaps, take it in stride and go with the changes. Donít miss an opportunity to show your versatility and willingness to accommodate at acting auditions. Being easy to work with is also part of a successful audition. Be professional, be polite, and when the acting audition is over be sure to say thank you for the opportunity.