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Actor Audition

The actor audition experience can be a bit confusing for those just starting out in the business. A basic understanding of how the actor audition process works and how to handle it can make things a bit easier to grasp. First, do not pay for an actor audition, whether it is for a play, movie or casting agency. They will pay you when you are hired for a role.

Next, you should know exactly what type of actor audition you will be attending and what is likely to be asked of you on stage. An actor audition for a modern television commercial will be completely different from auditions for dramatic stage or film work. Try to adapt your mindset to the specific type of actor audition and act accordingly.

You don’t want to feel tired or hungry at an actor audition. Get a good night’s sleep prior to the day of the audition and eat breakfast in the morning. Arrive at the audition 30 minutes early and wear neutral clothing, simple make-up and a traditional hairstyle. Wild styles may get you noticed, but probably not in a good way.

If you are given a script at an actor audition, try to memorize as much of it as you can. Read it over several times and get a feel for your character’s motivation and mood. You will make a better impression without your face buried in the script. Try to have a couple of monologues of your own on hand in case you are not furnished with a script at the actor audition.

Once onstage, smile and be polite with everyone before and after the actor audition. Don’t talk or interrupt when others are auditioning. Be ready for changes, the director may ask you to do something completely different on the spot. Make eye contact with the director’s and do your best.

Prepare to handle possible rejection at all actor auditions. If you are told you can leave, thank the directors for their time and calmly head for the doors. Don't beat yourself up about the experience. There will be more actor auditions down the road. You may have nailed the actor audition perfectly but they just didn't have a part that fit your type at the time.