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Free Acting Audition

There are two main types of acting auditions: closed acting auditions and open or free acting auditions. At closed auditions the casting director puts out the call for an acting role that requires a certain age, skill or appearance. The closed audition notice is usually sent only to the agents that the director works with. Closed acting auditions are usually smaller than the free acting auditions that are open to anyone who wants to try out.

Free acting auditions are also called “cattle calls” because of the crowds they can draw.  Free acting auditions are where any actor can try out for a part even if they don’t have an agent yet.  As a result, a free acting audition is usually marked by a large number of beginners without much acting experience. The free acting audition is a good opportunity for those without agents to get some experience and maybe even get referred to an agent. Another benefit is that a free acting audition is also free of cost to the aspiring actor or actress. If you have to pay for a chance to try out, it is not a free acting audition.

Attracting as many candidates as possible to a free acting audition can have downsides for some participants. Time onstage is limited and the aspiring talents must make a good impression quickly. Free acting auditions don’t always lead to jobs right away, but remember that making a good impression with the director could lead to future opportunities. Free acting auditions are often the beginning of a successful career on stage or in film. Even if you don’t land a role immediately, the practice gained from working under pressure in a short amount of onstage-time can make attending a free acting audition very worthwhile.