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Marketing yourself for modeling or acting jobs can be a business in itself. Many models and actors trying to break into the business on their own, other hire professional agents to handle the promotion. New talent can usually rely on a good agent to book all the work they need to make a decent living working in modeling or acting jobs. Exclusive agents are the norm for most all modeling and acting jobs. Once you have signed with one exclusive agent you cannot sign on with another. But there are other ways to market yourself that do not violate your agency’s regulations.

The alternate promotion tool of choice for many young actors and models today is with the Internet. The internet offers many free ways to increase exposure and get more work in modeling or acting jobs. Entertainment industry-specific web sites where you can list your skills, details and photos for free viewing by directors, designers and other industry professionals can increase your audience. Just as creating a social networking page at an online community like MySpace or Facebook can help people remember your name. Making your own YouTube video is another online marketing option that can help you land more modeling and acting jobs. If you join and share with as many groups as possible you can maximize your exposure at no cost other than your time.

The best way to land career-establishing modeling and acting jobs is to maintain close contact and good relations with your agent. Keep your portfolio updated and attend every casting and audition your agent refers you to. Follow through on your work today and your agent will remember you as viable talent for the next modeling or acting job that comes along tomorrow. Keep working at getting yourself out there and that perfect modeling or acting job will come along.