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The first thing any actor or actress must have is a passion for mastering the craft. However, there is more to earning a living through movie acting jobs than just acting alone. A big part of the life of an actor can often be financial instability. In order to be a professional actor you must be paid for your work, even though work in movie acting jobs may not totally cover the actor’s costs of living. Many actors are never really able to settle into long-term employment outside of movie acting jobs.

If you make most of your income from movie acting jobs it might be a good idea to look into signing up with a temporary employment agency that specializes in people in the workforce who cannot commit to full-time jobs and need extra flexibility. Some temp agencies are geared specifically for movie acting job seekers, finding them temporary jobs related to the film industry.

It helps to have a supply of cash already on hand when embarking on a career in movie acting jobs. Especially if relocation to a larger city or market area is part of the plan. There are more movie acting jobs in places like New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles of course, but modern urban living can be very costly these days. Finding affordable housing on a moderate budget can be difficult but you don't want unpaid bills delaying the start of your acting career. Spending a lot time working odd jobs to cover bills takes away from the primary purpose of promoting yourself as an actor and ultimately landing paid employment in movie acting jobs. Keep getting out there and keep being seen!