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Open Acting Auditions

In the world of stage and screen there are two types of auditions: closed acting auditions and open acting auditions. A closed audition is when a casting director releases the news that a certain role is being cast that requires an approximate age range and appearance, such as a certain ethnicity, height, build or look. This information is normally filtered to agents who send out actors who they think have a shot at landing the part. Closed acting auditions can attract many actors with similar appearance unlike open acting auditions which are usually open to anyone who finds out about them.

Open acting auditions are sometimes also referred to a “cattle calls” where anyone can try out even if they don’t have an agent. It is common to find a variety of hopefuls without much acting experience trying out for the roles at an open acting audition. An open acting audition can be a good opportunity for actors without agents to impress casting directors and get referred to an agent.

Open acting auditions attempt to attract as many candidates as possible which can result in some disadvantages for participants. Tryout time can be limited and a good impression must be made quickly. If the open acting audition doesn’t lead to a role right away, a good impression with the director could lead to work on future projects. Another problem is that casting directors often use open acting auditions to fill mostly minor acting roles. Open acting auditions can offer the new actor a lot of auditioning practice in a short time frame and in pressured environments. Actors with more training might fare better than the inexperienced hopefuls who drop out in the early in the process. Everyone has to start somewhere and an open acting audition can be the right choice for many actors.