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Teen Acting Audition

Landing a paying role at a teen acting audition has become much easier thanks to the recent phenomenon of Reality TV shows. In years past teen acting auditions were rare and limited to a few parts for stage and film productions.  Roles and opportunities were scarce. Today, the buying power of the teen market has come of age and teen acting auditions are fairly common in larger cities. From reality shows to teen-market feature films, the prospects of finding a teen acting audition near you are pretty good. However, the increased opportunities do not mean there is a new, better shortcut to a career in acting for teens. It is still better for young actors to break into the industry with venues like school plays and community theaters. Taking the slower road to traditional acting knowledge will make for a better acting experience in the long run. Here are some other steps you can take to maximize your success at teen acting auditions:

Take acting classes while you are still in high school. Drama classes, acting classes and any public performance-based class can be good. Think about speech classes and debate teams as well. Any types of speaking instruction can contribute to a more successful teen acting audition. Practice your enunciation and read out loud as often as possible.

Try out for every local play or production you can and accept any position you can get, even stage crew work can help you learn more about the acting craft. The more well rounded you are in all aspects of performance and production, the easier it will be to approach teen acting auditions with confidence.

Build a portfolio or comp card to send to agencies and general teen acting auditions. Hire a professional photographer to take your headshots as well as a variety of other shots. Keep your headshots current, the directors at teen acting auditions rely on you to look the same age as your photos at the audition. Be sure to list all credits and prior teen acting audition experience along with your contact information on the back of your comp card or headshots.